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An all-in-one photobooth on an online centralized dashboard. Access all features from your device.


An extension to eBooth. This adapter lets your guests take pictures from their own devices and lets you instantly print and display pictures on a big screen.


Want the OG photobooth experience? Discover our original photobooth kiosk equipped with built-in features. 

Discover why we are favoured by others!

Extremely portable

Set up photobooth in seconds without worrying about extra bulky equipment or complicated setups

exceptionally affordable

With our flat monthly fee, you won't have to worry about a long-term commitment or hourly fees. Never spend more than you need!

Easy connect

Connect to printers and screens to take your photobooth experience to the next level

call home

Free tech support and training ALL INCLUDED in your plan, whenever and wherever you need it

Password protected photo portal

Guests (or only host) can access pictures online through unique password protected albums

risk free & fluid

Our online service is absolutely FREE, making it easier for you to try out all our features without risk!

brand your business

Our solution allows you to leave a long-lasting marketing impact on your clients or event attendees

fully customizable

Use our dashboard to easily customize photo templates using a variety of options, according to your clients needs and requests

Making Event Management Easy For You

FavBooth has your back every step of the way, from event set-up to when guests are using the photobooth. Learn how FavBooth supports you from beginning to end. 

  • Manage events from one central dashboard 
    • Allows you to organize all your event/photobooth bookings 
    • Access all print-out templates 
    • Keep track of all event history & information
    • Keep track of all client information 
  • Choose from over 100+ unique templates 
  • Give your clients complete control over planning and designing their print-outs
  • Customize text and photo arrangements 
  • Customize placement & sizing 
  • Update and change branding
  • Approve your client’s design & details before the event
  • Manage and customize camera settings for optimum photos
  • Instantly print photos
  • Display pictures on big screen
  • FavBooth includes green screen option
  • FavBits: Record 7-second videos in slow motion (includes option to add music)
  • FavFilters: enjoy the ability to add filters to your photos
  • Instantly view all pictures that have been taken during the event on a screen
  • Automatic time-lapse video of all pictures from the event
  • Reprint photos 
  • FavBooth will sync and upload photos to your dashboard once connected to the internet
  • Password Protected Photo Portal: A unique photo album with all pictures from event
  • Give your guests access to view the pictures on the password-protected Photo Portal 
  • FavBooth allows for the photos to be emailed to guests with personalized messaging
  • Guests can share pictures on social media with a click of a button
  • Guests have the capability to choose and change photos in the picture template
  • Event guests can upload photos to the album from their mobile devices

Photo & Prints Features

eBooth Features

A fully operatable online photobooth at your and your client’s fingertips.



Online Booking Page


  • Track all upcoming events online
  • Simultaneously share event details with your client
  • Keep track of past events
  • Send reminder emails 




Image Template Designer


  • Create event picture templates easily with our designer
  • Collaborate with your client to finalize designs
  • Pick and choose from premade templates, or create your own!
  • Endless ways to customize



Online Photobooth


  • Start snapping pictures using any device
  • Choose from a range of filters and digital props
  • Guests can even use their own devices with a scan of a QR code!




Password Protected Album


  • Save all guest pictures collectively in an event album
  • Add password protection for limited access
  • Give album access to guests

LiteBooth Features

An extension to eBooth. This adapter lets your guests take pictures from their own devices and lets you instantly print and display pictures on a big screen.

Extremely Inexpensive
Get a bundle of services for a very small flat fee. Never pay more than you need!
Setup in Seconds
LiteBooth is a portable solution which only requires plugging in to setup.
Get Instant Prints
LiteBooth can connect to printers such as DNP, Fuji Film and more to give you instant prints.
Display on Big Screens
Through HDMI, LiteBooth can be connected to big screens for image display at events.


Just want the traditional photobooth kiosk? Discover our ProBooth hardware solution, equipped with built-in features. 

the oG experience

Our original hardware solution is available for your use. You can make a purchase or rental request by signing up for an account. 

Our Support to you

Photo Booth businesses always strive to make their mark, everywhere they go. This is why we want to help you in building your brand and marketing the right way, and ensuring that you have a smooth experience maintaining your booths. Make sure to leave a long lasting impression!

favbooth photobooth favbooth photo booth

Branding and Marketing

Brand your automatic milestone emails to assist with marketing efforts. Use event analytics to produce graphs and reports, and access event email list for lead generation

favbooth photobooth favbooth photo booth

Safety & Maintenance

Easy to implement booths that are designed to be mobile ensure safety and prevention of accidents. The booth automatically switches to the next event once the time arrives